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You have so many decisions to make and a seemingly endless list of options when it comes to choosing vendors for your wedding...

 Something to remember however, is that your photographs are the only one that will last forever. (well... maybe your attire too, hehe)

I feel that the most important part of your wedding is the album. I want to provide you with something that will last not only your lifetime, but for generations after to enjoy as well. Digital images are great, you get a lot of comments and likes, but they simply don't last. This is your first family heirloom, the beginning of a new journey and your story together. This is why I include an album with every collection I offer.

 While I do have set packages that I can provide, I prefer to work together and help each of my clients create the package that fits their specific needs. This means that you will only get what you want and not settle with things you don't want or need. Most of my clients spend between $2000 and $4000 on their wedding photography coverage.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision.

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