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April Sanchez: Owner, Lead Photographer

My passion for photography stems from a combined love of art and the amazing human connection! I was always into art as a child, but more into drawing. I didn't pick up a camera until my mid-20's, and instantly fell in love. My friends and family started encouraging me to go back to my roots and consider photography as a career. I thought they were crazy.... But that encouragement landed me on the steps of an Arts Institute College in my late 20’s and the rest is history!

I strive to turn your family’s connection into gorgeous photographic art that you want to hang on the wall and share with family and friends. My favorite part of family portraiture is the moment I show them a quick peek of the back of my camera and hear that gasp! “Wow!! That’s gorgeous!” or “Awwwwww, I love that!!” This literally makes my heart leap, because this magic usually happens while kiddos are not smiling/looking and mom or dad start getting a little stressed. It’s now time to relax! I got this!! I love a mixture of candid and lightly posed portraiture to give you an experience that you’ll remember forever as fun, stress-free and easy! I also love being silly with your kids, getting hugs and high-fives (because you truly can’t help but smile when getting/giving one!) and love that moment when everyone stops thinking about the perfect shot, and starts enjoying their session.

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The Family

When I’m not working, you can find me hanging with my family! I am married to the most amazing guy, Gabriel, and we have one fabulous daughter, Taylor Morgan! Yes, you got it, my company name is inspired by my darling daughter! Maybe she'll take over her namesake one day :) We also have a beautiful black Lab named Claire. We love to play board games, cook, play soccer in the cul de sac and travel together. While traveling, I usually take a bajillion pictures and end up with only 2 with me in them that are inevitably blurry! Must teach the hubs to work a camera one day! 


A little extra about Moi

I am all about Jesus being the center of my life and am very active in my church community. I owe everything to Him and am obsessively grateful of my life that I get to do this for a living. I am also 100% an #ally and believe in complete equality for everyone!!

I also love makeup and uplifting other people to feel not only comfortable in their own skin, but also feel completely comfortable with a little “frosting” as I call it. I offer makeup tips and even makeup application prior to your session on request.

I’m kinda obsessed with… no, not kinda… I AM totally obsessed with coffee and coffee mugs! I LOVE mugs with quotes and cute sayings on them so much and have a serious collection. I love to read when I have time and love music of all genres, well… almost all... Most recently KSBJ rules the speakers mixed in with some Top 40 (Taylor Swift is amazing of course) and a dash of the 80’s-90’s mixture from my formative years…. Did I just age myself? YIKES! Hehehe

Prior to becoming a Photographer, I was a Veterinary Technician! I know, random segue in career path, right? I was in the Veterinary field for over 17 years and was heavily involved in rescue, training and animal nutrition. With rescue, I specifically focused on Bully Breeds in my 20’s, and later got involved with Pugs, both of which remain my favorite breeds of all time! BTW, your furry family member(s) are always welcome in your session! 

Now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to meet you and your family!

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Email:         Phone:  832.458.7821

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